Songwriting Workshops

Songwriting Workshops

Bring Dean Jones to Your School!
A songwriting program for students in Pre-K to 8th grade

Dean Jones has worked in schools for over 15 years doing songwriting. He is not only the leader of the highly regarded, award winning family band, Dog on Fleas, he is the one-man band for Arm-of-the-Sea Theatre.

Dean has developed a unique songwriting program for elementary and middle schools. He begins by having the kids talk about what they know about song structure and types of songs, then he quickly fills in the gaps of understanding... and off they go! The group works together, creating melody, words, chords, rhythm, and harmonies from scratch. This challenge leads to great sense of accomplishment, and can set children off to a lifetime of creative expression.

The topics for the songs can be chosen by teachers, and related to what is deemed important to the school, or can be arrived at organically by the group. After a couple of sessions the kids sing their group-written songs with the band in an assembly for the whole school. This performance can be recorded and a CD can be made for each school. It can even be videotaped!

But don’t just take our word for it....
“Dean Jones has come to our school several times and it’s always a huge success. His songwriting workshops are fun and engaging. The shows have been a yearly highlight for our Assembly program and we hope to have him back on a regular basis!” - Ben Houston, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Zena Elementary, Kingston, NY

"Dean Jones conducted one of the most inventive, creative and progressive songwriting/performance workshops in the history of our school. He is an incredibly gifted and multi-talented artist who created a safe and stimulating environment for our kids to create and perform. His innovative way of extracting shared subject matter, and turning them into group songs (that were performed for the entire community) was a remarkable feat. Through this experience, the kids were able to gain confidence in their ability to create original music. Whether you invite them to enhance your arts in education schedule, or present them on a big stage - this group is a must have.” - Damon Banks, music teacher at Poughkeepsie Day School, Poughkeepsie, NY

“Dean Jones is a gifted teacher and musician, and his songwriting workshop for kids is a fantastic program. Dean encouraged kids to be both silly and serious, and showed them the actual results of working together and seeing the project through. Highly recommended!” - Jennifer Metzger, Rosendale Elementary, Rosendale, NY

updated: 4 years ago