I'm an Optimist coming soon

Dog on Fleas Brand NEW ALBUM

Album cover by Cindy Hoose, Jacinta Bunnell and Michael Wilcock

It's been 5 years since Dog on Fleas has released a full length album!! Please enjoy the latest, greatest Fleas album "I'm an Optimist". 12 songs to put a positive spin on your day. Try out our "Can Do Attitude". Dean, John and Chris recorded this album over the course of the last year or so. Mostly they got together and played these songs absolutely live in the studio and then added extra instruments and voices over top of those tracks. With a few guest artists; singers Katie Ha Ha Ha and Krisha Stoever, kid singers Ida Stoever, Rhys Ellis and Emmanuel Rodriquez-Ibarra, and saxophonist Charles Frommer, the Fleas explored various musical styles and optimistic lyrical themes.

Zooglobble's Stefan Shepard has this to say:
"One way I think about the New York band Dog on Fleas is as kindie comfort food with a twist — japaleno mac ‘n’ cheese, perhaps, or an orange chicken burrito.  Kindie music uberproducer Dean Jones and bandmates John Hughes and Chris Cullo produce music that families want to settle down with all comfy-like but with a musical (or lyrical) perspective that’s ever-so-slightly askew from the standard."

Give it a try! And drop us an email to tell us what you think. Thanks for listening.

froggins and bug

froggins and bug
Do you remember the song "Dig?" from the very first Dog on Fleas album "Fairly Good Songs for Fairly Good Kids"? It's also on "The Bestest of the Best". Well, that song was a little skit with Dean Jones and Shane Kirsch playing characters that they created, riffing a little bit about things that they "dig" (or like). Actually, Dean played the nerdy character who didn't really get it. Shane said "I dig the saxophone" and Dean said "I dig digging for stuff". WELL, now there is a whole new album of songs with Shane and Dean and the same band that played on "Dig". It's a jazzy spinoff from Dog on Fleas featuring part-time Fleas Ken McGloin, Dean Sharp and Jim Curtin.

Froggins and Bug present their very first album "Dessert Island", 12 songs with a little Sesame Street, a little Cab Calloway, and some Schoolhouse Rock. Shane has obviously never heard about the "desert island list". Instead he has created an alphabetical list of desserts he would like to have. On "Get a Job" Dean asks Shane what he'd like to be when he grows up. Shane replies "I'd like to retire". There is a song about "Literal Red Riding Hood" who doesn't understand metaphor. Trombone, saxophone, upright bass, guitar and drums propel these quirky and joyous songs along. And most of it was recording in one long day at Dean's No Parking Studio. The music is live and spontaneous. Listen and enjoy!

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