When I Get Little

When I Get Little, the 4th CD from Dog on Fleas, is full of Zen koans, tongue twisters, nonsense and completely sensical lyrics balanced atop fresh, mostly acoustic music in loose and honest performances. The soulful singing of Debbie Lan, John Hughes, Dean Jones and David Levine blends with piano, guitar, fiddle, bass, drums, mandolin and horns in creative, fun arrangements of original songs.

In theory this is music for kids, but in reality it’s good, heartfelt music that people of all ages love. There is a broad range of musical styles: the Cajun flavored title cut, an African Balaphone-driven version of the traditional Coo Coo, the frantic “Mon Pain Perdu”, a song about pirates and French toast sung in French, and the beautiful, hopeful “Peace Will Come”, a future classic by Debbie Lan.

This is adult music for children, kids' music for grownups. What ties everything together, though, is a feeling of global kindness and a love of and appreciation for nature and the gifts she has to offer, as well as taking joy in the tiniest details of life. Listen to this album with your kids, and often. They may not get the deeper messages at first but their little intuitions will pick up on the good vibes, on the fact that these musicians and singers have meaningful things to say. But don't think that this is a dour, social commentary-heavy album. In fact, make sure you listen to When I Get Little without your shoes on, else you'll dance right out of 'em."

updated: 12 years ago