Beautiful World

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released 2008

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Dog on Fleas’ 5th CD, Beautiful World, is an adventurous album, with it’s own beautiful world view, that will give you joy, hope, some new dance moves, and songs that will stick in your head for the next 10 years. Musical saws, piccolo, trombone, saxes, Udu drums, and Moog keyboards augment the drums, bass, guitar, and spirited vocals of the band.

"Beautiful World" is a change in directions in some ways, and also a continuation of the Fleas’ ever-expanding world. The title song and Birds of a Feather come from Dean and John’s old band, the For Sale by Owner Orchestra. That band was very theatrical and experimental, with all 10 members playing toys, instruments they didn’t know how to play, and non-instruments. For Sale by Owner members Melissa Wood and Otto Kentrol make guest appearances on Beautiful World. The Fleas also enlist Frances England to sing on the CD’s final song, Babies, a love song to all the babies of the world. Beautiful World is really, really full of love, in many forms. Lima Bean, sung by the one and only Lorette Velvette, is a love story about a Lima Bean her friend Slug. You can also hear Uncle Rock in there doing his best Slug voice. I Love Your Accent features friends of the Fleas from all over the world. Water Planet is sung by aliens expressing their love for our watery planet. In fact, most of the songs on "Beautiful World" are full of love, if you just dig in to find it.