traditional/ new words by Dean Jones and Mark Brown

I knew a girl who had a dog
The dog was from New Jersey
She taught that dog to be polite
Say goodbye and cursty

5 X 5 is 25
5 X 6 is 30
5 X 7 is 35
5 X 8 is 40

I had a baby in my arms
Started getting heavy
I gave that baby 10 balloons
Floated to the heavens


weasels chewing at my toes
skeeters at my bottom
told my pet tarantula
to do it like I taught him

(chorus) plus
5 X 9 is 45
5 X 10 is 50
5 X 11 is 55
5 X 12 is 60

racoon’s out a choppin’ wood
possum, he’s a haulin’
my old dog’s sittin’ on a log
splittin’ his throat a squalin’

(chorus plus)

sally was a friend of mine
marvin was his sister
we ate beans and dandelions
played a game of twister

(chorus plus)

I’ll eat lemons for a laugh
Chocolate if you pay me
All my teeth fell out last night
Now I’m brushing my raisins

(Chorus plus PLUS)

5 X _ is 2 _
5 X _ is 1 _
5 X 1/3 is 1 2/3
or 166 pennies

updated: 12 years ago