The Coo Coo

The Coo Coo – traditional,
new words by Dean Jones

Oh the cuckoo she’s a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
But she never hollers cuckoo
‘til the fourth day of July

She drinks from white flowers
To keep her voice bright
She lives deep in the shadows
But she’s made of pure light

I’ve played cards in Virginia
I’ve played cards in Greece
But I’d give up all my traveling
For a little taste of peace

Jack o diamonds, jack o diamonds
I know you of old
You robbed my poor pockets
Of silver and gold

Gonna build me a log cabin
On a mountain so high
So I can see my true love
As she goes passing by

Some things you can wonder
And some things you can guess
I said I heard me a cuckoo bird
T’was a nuthatch I confess

updated: 12 years ago