What's Behind the Wall

What's behind the wall
by Dean Jones

Humpty Dumpty was sittin’ up on a wall
That’s how the story goes so why should we doubt it?
All the king’s horses and all his men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again
Here’s a little query to get you goin’
I posit that the truth will one day be known

What’s behind the wall (3x)
Does anybody know?

I see London and I see France
I really like to rhyme and spin the wheels of my mind
What’s it like in Kathmandu?
Paramaribo and Mogadishu?
I’d like to understand what this world’s about
People are people inside and out

The rich and the poor
The famous, the meek
The farmer and the banker
The prisoner and the sheik
We all have a voice
We all want to speak
We’re all just tryin’ to find out what that wall’s all about!!!

What’s behind the wall (3x)
Does anybody know?

An egg is a beginning
It needs love and protection
Who put the egg on the wall and why? (2x)
Who needs a wall anyway
Just take that wall away

updated: 12 years ago