by Dean Jones

Children, the trees, Children, the forest
They’re watching out for you
You got to believe in the power of trees
Soon, soon, soon, you’re gonna feel it too

I went down to the river to catch me a fish
Oh the river my friend
The river is mighty, the river is long
And the currents are oh so strong

I fell from her banks and I grabbed what I could
And the weeping willow tree
She held out her arms and lifted me up
Whoa whoa whoa, I had to thank that tree


If you look to other cultures.
All the world around
You can feel the connection
From the sky to the ground

The tree is touching the heavens
Yet its roots are deep in the earth
When you feel the connection
Joy and happiness and love will abound


I sit by a TV or by a machine
I want to jump out of my skin
I sit by an oak or a maple tree
I can feel myself easing back in

Your grandma and grandpa, and their parents too
Felt the shade of the very same trees
Que sera, que sera, things will get clearer
And whatever will be will be