Big Black Snake

Big black snake
by Dean Jones

I’m a big black snake, 8 feet long
I’m a big black snake, singing you an 8 foot song
I’m a big black snake, lying in the sun
I’m a big black snake, singing you a song in the sun

last year I had 82 babies
presently 12 little snakes are still alive
10 little snakes got eaten by crows
20 little snakes went out in the snow and froze
10 little snakes got hit by trucks
other 30 snakes got eaten by owls bad luck, bad luck


saw me a mouse and I saw me a frog
slithered down the hill and hid behind a log
mousie looked plump and the froggie was fat
making up my mind when in waddled old uncle rat

you might say I’m a cold-blooded cur
cause I ate the whole rat with the bones and all the fur
well I ate the frog and some other little vermin
feel ‘em all down in my belly still squirmin’

well if I wasn’t so full and I had more sense
I would have saved room for the President


cats and dogs will try to eat me
I stay mighty still underneath your porch
I’ll have more babies if I get the chance
I’ll sing a little song for every little one

updated: 12 years ago